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  1. Preparing Students and Soldiers for the Trip to Poland:

Moreshet offers different types of seminars aimed at preparing high school students for the trip to Poland in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education, as well as seminars geared toward high school students who are not planning on participating in the trip. We also offer a special day-long workshop aimed at helping students process their experience in Poland once back in Israel. These seminars explore other important topics in addition to the Holocaust, such as: Jewish and Israeli identity, Zionism, and young leadership. The seminars have a modular structure that combines activities within the Moreshet facilities at Givat Haviva with activities in the schools themselves, in accordance with the differing requirements of the teachers. The seminars include:

    1. A visit to the Mordechai Anielevich Memorial Museum.
    2. Workshops to process the experience of touring the museum.
    3. Testimony of Holocaust survivors.
    4. Lectures accompanied by powerful presentations.
  • The project Dorot b’Moreshet (Dorot at Moreshet): Holocaust Education through Art offers high school and younger students unique activities that incorporate artistic workshops in music, theatre, drawing and painting, sculpture, etc.
  • Holocaust Education for Younger Grades: By using unique educational methods specially developed for 6th-10th graders, we enable children in these age groups to explore the subject of “Children and Teens during the Holocaust.”
  • Soldiers at Moreshet: Every year, soldiers and commanders of the I.D.F. come to Moreshet to learn about the Holocaust, as well as other topics including Israeli and Jewish identity, comrades-in-arms, and the spirit of leadership.




  1. Courses and Advanced Teacher Training Programs:
  • Three-day training programs for teachers chaperoning Poland trips are held twice a year on the grounds of Moreshet at Givat Haviva. Participant feedback regarding these teacher training programs has consistently been extremely positive.
  • This year, Moreshet will conduct its eighth annual joint training program for religious and secular teachers on the topic of “Jewish Steadfastness in the Ghettos and the Camps,” in partnership with Kfar Haroeh and Yad Vashem.
  • For the past three years, training programs for teachers from the Harei Ephraim area have been conducted in partnership with Yad Vashem at the Megiddo Regional Council.
  • Moreshet and the Pardes Hannah Cathedra College for Adults have opened a joint-course on “Shaping the Memory of the Holocaust in Israeli Society.”  


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For more information on the Education Center, contact:


Irit Hauben, Education Department Coordinator

Tel.: +972-50-636-5738



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