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Established in 1961, Moreshet, Mordechai Anielevich Memorial Holocaust Study and Research center is dedicated to the commemoration of Jewish organized resistance during World War II and the Holocaust. In particular, Moreshet focuses on the role of youth movements in Nazi-occupied Europe. Unique among Holocaust study and research organizations worldwide, Moreshet's emphasis on youth establishes a link between past and future generations. Through highlighting the lives of young Jewish resistance fighters, Moreshet encourages today's youth to realize their role in Jewish and World history.


Moreshet was founded by a group of Jewish Partisan and Ghetto fighters, who arrived in Israel after World War II. This group, headed by Abba Kovner – one of the leaders of the Vilnius Ghetto underground and commander of the Jewish battalion in the Naroch forests in Lithuania – took upon itself a historic mission: to give real expression to the last wishes and requests of hundreds of Holocaust survivors by presenting their testimonies and artifacts for future generations.


Today Moreshet is a leading research and education center. Located at Givat Haviva, between Tel Aviv and Haifa, its campus-like atmosphere allows students, visitors and researchers, from Israel and abroad, to explore and study the Holocaust through its archives and programming. Moreshet hosts study days, seminars and conferences in classrooms and auditorium.

Since 1963 Moreshet has regularly published a respected academic journal of Holocaust and Anti-Semitism research, as well as hundreds of books related to the topic.


Moreshet presents historical and thematic art exhibitions in its galleries, and collects and preserves thousands of original documents, photographs and personal testimonies in its archives.


Moreshet consists of 4 main departments:

  1. The Mordechai Anielevich Memorial Museum.
  2. The Education Center.
  3. A Publishing House, which produces academic texts, testimonies, guidebooks to Poland, the academic journal Moreshet: Journal for the Study of the Holocaust and Antisemitism and other publications.
  4. The Archive.



We are grateful to the Claims Conference and to Havatzelet, Cultural and Educational Institutions for the immense support with which they provide Moreshet. 


Moreshet is grateful to Eta and Sass Somech Family Foundation and to Marlene and Gadi Mayer for their support and generous donations. 



Moreshet, The Mordechai Anielevich Memorial

Holocaust Studies and Research Center


Givat Haviva, D.N. Menashe, 37850, Israel



Maya Van Ech Argov

Tel.: +972-4-630-9204

Fax: +972-4-630-9305



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